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Back to school- Blended

FullSail Grad Alex Menendez (R) on a panel at 2016 Hall of Fame.

FullSail Grad Alex Menendez (R) on a panel at 2016 Hall of Fame.

I was recently invited back to my school, Full Sail University as a guest speaker and panelist with a bunch of extraordinary graduates. I had a very good time and was very impressed with the interaction with the current students.

Please check out one of the panels if you get a moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2yDkFVfuQM
This experience has jump started my willingness to go back to school so that I can one day run my own class, after I complete a few of my own photography workshops in the coming years that is!

Upon searching for new ways to study, I discovered the UCF blended online learning course. I began yesterday, three weeks behind everyone else, and am trying desperately to catch up so that I can gain a certificate of completion.
Last night I completed my first writing assignment and this blog post is the second assignment of the first module.

So here goes, very short and precise. My thoughts on Blended Learning are quite simple, let the student learn the information presented on their own terms and at their own pace. Be sure the content is the most important part of this method, and interact face to face on a needed basis. Let the student email the teacher when needed, otherwise just let the lesson progress until a final exam.
I dont really think the technology is as important as the lessons being learned.
Thats it! Blended means to mix, so give different scenarios if need be, but make sure the course outline is getting to the point.

I will be writing more here in the next few days as I travel and catch up, please check back.

Thx: Alex Menendez

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