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Occupy Orlando

So when this whole “Occupy Wall Street” movement started, people didn’t quite know where it would lead. Basically it was a just reported to be a bunch of pissed off hippies and anarchists revolting and rioting over the big banks stealing money from regular, hardworking people…..

flash forward a month and the whole country is starting their own Occupy events….

Well, Orlando had to jump on the bandwagon and I spotted the first meeting on my twitter page one day…..I figured, lemme grab a camera and see what happens…
About 400 locals showed up to the non-violent affair and tried to voice their opinions on whomever would listen…by the end of the rally, they had decided to reorganize and stage a rally on the next Saturday….
I was out of town for the rally, but heard a few hundred folks showed up and protested and even organized a parade through downtown Orlando…..just a few days later, the park where most had tried to camp out, was pretty much deserted.
If you ask me, they have a long way to go and need to be more committed if they plan on changing anything here…….get it together folks!
CBS picked up this image of mine from the first meeting….