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Just returned from a mind-blowing time in Las Vegas! Tired, worn out and dry…..yup, dry! There is no humidity there whatsoever and stepping off the plane in Florida reminded me what I had missed the past 5 days.

How one can miss that wet sheen of the Florida night is hard to comprehend, but it does happen….
Anyways, I am back home and the usual afternoon showers/thunderstorms made it to my neighborhood, right on schedule. I quickly decided to break out my new lightning trigger that I bought 2 weeks ago for the shuttle Atlantis launch, and placed it right in the back seat of my Ford F-150 to test the trigger. The above image is the first lightning that made it to the CF card.
The rest of this summer should be fun, just need to find the right location for some more fascinating lightning images……send me your ideas!

Shuttle Discovery Final Flight

I had the coolest time shooting the final liftoff of the Space Shuttle Discovery this past week. With all the hype and worry surrounding the NASA shuttle program, this was indeed one cool shoot that I am very appreciative of being able to cover. Not everyone gets the chance to stand this close to a rocket and I will never forget the feeling of it taking off.

I set a Canon 7d remote camera set up in the swamps facing a waterway with a sound trigger to activate the camera upon liftoff. The trigger turns the camera on from its sleep mode about 10 minutes before the scheduled liftoff time. The “awake” camera automatically starts snapping images when the sound trigger hears a loud noise. The shuttle is loud when the boosters fire up and this starts the image capture.
I have a lot of people to thank in helping me learn the ropes on this type of shooting but I want to put a big shout out to Don Montague and Red Huber. They know what they are doing and are not afraid or too stuck up to share their knowledge!
By the way, we went to retrieve our camera’s at about 10p.m. in the pitch black and we encountered monster mosquitos and a rather large alligator in the water keeping watch on my tripod. It’s always an adventure here in Florida.
More pics: