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NFL Draft on ESPN

The NFL draft airs tonite on ESPN and nobody has a clue who the first pick will be and if he will even have the opportunity to play this season. The courts will decide what happens with the lockout….

Anyways, not to carry on, but I had an assignment a few weeks back from ESPN. Bill Parcells was in Orlando at Full Center University and was taping a show called “Bill Parcells Draft Confidential”, where the old ballcoach rated the current draftees and his guesses on their draft order. I was hired to shoot behind the scenes for distribution and marketing. Everyone was fun to hang with and I have to say, shooting for ESPN is always a good time!


I had great news at the beginning of last year. Photoshelter was starting a new stock agency named “The Collection” and it would turn the stock industry upside down, and they wanted to feature a photo of mine along with 8 others as a promotional mailout to buyers all across the world, right on!!! 

 Well, to be honest it got a lot of press and I actually sold something on their site, but then the inevitable happened, “The Collection” closed its doors and the industry began its rapid demise. Today the stock model continues to be a joke as prices keep dropping like a rock and every person with a camera thinks that they are a pro photographer.  Whats a guy/girl to do???, just stick with it if that is what you truly want to do, only try to do it a little bit different. 
Change up the angle, experiment a little, don’t run with the crowd, stand out above it and challenge yourself, get a different perspective. If you don’t adapt then you will grow stale, from what I hear its very lonely….