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I had great news at the beginning of last year. Photoshelter was starting a new stock agency named “The Collection” and it would turn the stock industry upside down, and they wanted to feature a photo of mine along with 8 others as a promotional mailout to buyers all across the world, right on!!! 

 Well, to be honest it got a lot of press and I actually sold something on their site, but then the inevitable happened, “The Collection” closed its doors and the industry began its rapid demise. Today the stock model continues to be a joke as prices keep dropping like a rock and every person with a camera thinks that they are a pro photographer.  Whats a guy/girl to do???, just stick with it if that is what you truly want to do, only try to do it a little bit different. 
Change up the angle, experiment a little, don’t run with the crowd, stand out above it and challenge yourself, get a different perspective. If you don’t adapt then you will grow stale, from what I hear its very lonely….