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Mason Foster fined by NFL for Ochocinco Hit

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie linebacker Mason Foster was fined $20,000 today for this illegal hit on New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. Foster hasn’t even collected his first professional paycheck yet and is already in the red.

I shot this image during the game and haven’t seen any other still photos of the hit on any of the wires or in print.
Chad Ochocinco is offering to pay the fine for the rookie after calling the hit “clean”.
Lets see what the league says about that…..

NFL Draft on ESPN

The NFL draft airs tonite on ESPN and nobody has a clue who the first pick will be and if he will even have the opportunity to play this season. The courts will decide what happens with the lockout….

Anyways, not to carry on, but I had an assignment a few weeks back from ESPN. Bill Parcells was in Orlando at Full Center University and was taping a show called “Bill Parcells Draft Confidential”, where the old ballcoach rated the current draftees and his guesses on their draft order. I was hired to shoot behind the scenes for distribution and marketing. Everyone was fun to hang with and I have to say, shooting for ESPN is always a good time!

Super Bowl XLIV

Last year I was in Miami to shoot my second NFL Super Bowl. This matchup featured the New Orleans Saints against the Indianapolis Colts, with the Colts being the odds on favorites to win another Super Bowl. Drew Brees however decided the State of Louisiana had been through enough heartache and was not going to let his people down.. The Saints 31-17 victory over the Colts was watched by over 106 million people and surpassed the 1983 finale of M.A.S.H. to become the most watched program in U.S. television history. I forgot about these images as they were only used for my magazine and have not seen the light of day until now. Shot with Canon MarkIII, 400 f2.8 with 1.4 extender, or the shift-tilt 24mm.

Superbowl XLIII

Well I finally did it! I had the opportunity to shoot a SUPER BOWL and I did it, I really did it…

I have shot many NFL football games in the past few years, (14 teams to be exact-but who’s counting?), but this game was by far the biggest in my sporting career. 
I shot media day, the Pepsi Smash concert series and then of course the game.
Let me explain how the process worked once I got there. I checked in all of my gear through security, lying all of my gear on the ground for the Police dogs to sniff, and then through a metal detector to check me out, very similar to an airport screening. I was then given a yellow vest with the words Upper Level Photographer on the back. I was originally told to leave ALL monopods and tripods at home, we would not be allowed to use them. Imagine if you will holding a 400mm lens with a teleconverter attached trying to shoot from above with the camera set to ISO2000, f2.8 at 600th of a second, following a man in red running the ball with no monopod… if you are not a photographer let me explain it like this:   Hold 2 gallons of milk directly out in front of your body for 1o seconds, squint, bend your upper body forward about 9 inches so you can see the tops of your shoes, push your trigger finger in and out, rotate your body to the right 66 degrees while still holding the 2 gallons of milk directly in front of your body with your arms still straight out in front of you! RELAX for 20 seconds-now do it again and this time get it in focus.
I snuck the monopod in just like 40 other photographers and used it religiously on every play.
The game was very exciting and I would love to shoot next year in Miami, hopefully the Dolphins would join me.
I shot over 1200 images of the game, packed 6 lenses with 2 camera bodies and drove home after the game like an over excited 10 year old boy.  I love the NFL!

Super Bowl Media Day

I made the trek to Raymond James Stadium today to shoot the NFL Super Bowl XLIII media day with players from the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We had one hour to ask whatever questions we wanted and shoot whatever photos we could manage while trying not to get smushed in the crowd. The sun was out and lit all of the interview tables from directly behind, a flash was recommended for the players wearing hats…….all of them!
The biggest throngs of reporters and cameramen were obviously around the quarterbacks and head coaches.
All in all it was a pretty easy day and we were hustled off of the field before the team photos were taken. The Cardinals seemed very professional, focused and uptight, while the Steelers were overly relaxed and joking, even shooting their own video memories with handheld camcorders. Lets see how Sunday goes, I’ll try to post game photos on Monday.

Chargers in Florida

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers dropped out of the NFL playoff picture with 4 consecutive losses to end the season. To say the fans were upset would be an understatement. Tampa had high hopes once again this year, only to collapse like they have the past few years.

The “good news” for the city is that this years Superbowl will be held at Raymond James Stadium in February. I have been granted access to the week of game festivities and hopefully we be blessed with a pass to actually shoot the game, only time will tell. Here are a few photos of the Buccaneers playing the visiting San Diego Chargers.