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Pepsi Smash Concert

A few days before the Superbowl, VH1 aired a live concert featuring performances by Lifehouse, Fall Out Boy and Rhianna. The Ford Ampitheater in Tampa was the venue and it was pretty cool. It was raining out really hard and the venue is nothing but a few huge tents covering the stage, it worked out rather well however. The concert was decent with Fall Out Boy performing the most of any of the groups and Rhianna doing her skit live for the VH1 cameras. I love shooting concerts and this one was fun and something to do a few days before the Superbowl.

Brian Laye’

I received a call from Doni at the agency Keene-Ideas about  shooting a few images for a CD cover in Clermont, Florida. The artist is a young man named Brain Laye and he is releasing an album entitled “2 Koi”. He plays guitar and sings and needed the album art done for a demo that he is handing out at the Cannes Film Festival this week, talk about quick turnaround. The shoot was completed in just under 2 hours and Tim from Chameleon Mobile Video shot behind the scenes for bonus coverage.

I really enjoy this type of work and the chance to break out the big lights while shooting outdoors. The talent and crew were wonderful to work with and I hope Brian hits it big time!