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Altas V Launch with my sons

I missed the remote control camera setup on Tuesday
for the Atlas V rocket launch, but couldn’t get the thought of missing this opportunity to film at Cape Canaveral out of my mind. When a rocket blasts off and you are within sight and close enough to taste the smoke, there is no better feeling. To describe it would not do it justice…..AWESOMENESS exploded!!!!

So I decided that with perfect blue skies, I would go for the 5:38 launch on Wednesday.

Keeping in mind that both of my sons have a science fair at school this Monday, and both of them are featuring rockets and launchers….I decided to pluck them from school, grab our swimming trunks and 4 Canon cameras…..and off we were…they were thrilled!

We of course had to stop at the Twistee Treat ice cream stand on the way, (Don Montague, you know what Im talking about)…..with our bellies full we set out towards Playalinda Beach.

The crowds at the park were pretty fierce and we had to drive a bit to park in a secondary parking lot. After loading up, we crossed the boardwalk over the dunes to see 4 foot waves and about 1000 spectators who had the same plans we did.

After setting up a pocket wizard remote to the 70-200, the boys jumped into the Florida surf.  You could barely hear their screams of joy over the hovering helicopters flying overhead, but the smiles on their faces told the whole story.

Twenty minutes later, we were lined up in the waves, firing 4 cameras as the rocket lifted off towards space….

The ¬†launch actually went on time without a hitch and it was back into the water until the rangers ordered us to leave…

We had to stop on the way out to let a 5 foot long alligator cross right in front of my truck……thats when I heard the words I love to hear…..”This is the best day ever Dad!”

I hope this wont be our last launch……

More pics here

Color Run Orlando

First I must start off with an apology to the half dozen followers that still stop by this blog from time to time, I haven’t been here in months and I am sorry….
Cool? K, lets move along………

So with that, I will start 2013 anew with a shoot I filmed this morning, the Color Run of Orlando. This is another 5K type event but since it was competing head to head with the Disney marathon, I chose to cover this instead. The concept is pretty cool, show up wearing bright white and run 3 miles while volunteers pelt you with various colors of a corn starch like powder… say this was a visible shoot is an understatement!
My mother in law gave me the heads up about the event, and since it is only 3 miles from my house, I figured I’d give it a shot…… GLAD I did.
I wish I was running in this one lemme tell ya……..nothing but smiles all the way around.
I sent a quick email to the event organizers and was invited to shoot away….so once I arrived there I made my way to the volunteer tent, secured an orange t-shirt and got to filming.
A word of warning to any future photogs wanting to cover this event…bring your oldest camera and lens….the powder (dust) gets everywhere and does not come out easily. I grabbed my oldest Canon 5D MKII and MKIIN, with old plastic style kit lenses…..I did miss my pro glass and wide angle lenses..but the risk was not worth the loss if I ruined one….

The event featured about 10,000 runners/walkers and the weather could not have been much better! I look forward to shooting this next time it comes to Florida, if I’m not running in it myself.

More images here, and thanks for stopping by.


Just returned from a mind-blowing time in Las Vegas! Tired, worn out and dry…..yup, dry! There is no humidity there whatsoever and stepping off the plane in Florida reminded me what I had missed the past 5 days.

How one can miss that wet sheen of the Florida night is hard to comprehend, but it does happen….
Anyways, I am back home and the usual afternoon showers/thunderstorms made it to my neighborhood, right on schedule. I quickly decided to break out my new lightning trigger that I bought 2 weeks ago for the shuttle Atlantis launch, and placed it right in the back seat of my Ford F-150 to test the trigger. The above image is the first lightning that made it to the CF card.
The rest of this summer should be fun, just need to find the right location for some more fascinating lightning images……send me your ideas!

Shuttle Atlantis landing

So here I sit in my hotel room, the Mandalay Bay, in Las Vegas waiting to finish the video edit for a client of mine. It has been a hectic 3 days so far and though they are very pleased with what I have captured so far, my mind is mush…..

The space shuttle Atlantis lands in a few hours back in Florida and I don’t leave Vegas until tomorrow afternoon. Safe to say that I won’t make it to the landing pad….and there is no “next time” to get the desired images……guess what….life goes on. There are times when you really want to be there and unfortunately there are times when you just can’t. This is the way the photo industry works, and the sooner you figure that out, the less stressed you will be. Trust Me!
To all of my colleagues who will be there, I wish you nothing but the best. Get the exposure right and make history, you’ve obviously put in the time and deserve to capture beautiful images. Make us proud.
I just came across a cool shot of mine that got picked up today: cool slideshow here-

UCF Ranked at #24

The University of Central Florida Knights mens basketball team is ranked for the first time ever at #24. This is due to their undefeated season thus far, where they currently sit with a 11-0 record.

No doubt first year Head Coach Donnie Jones has things rolling in the right direction, with HUGE victories against both Florida and Miami.
Marcus Jordan, A.J. Rompza and Keith Clanton are the early team leaders, lets hope they stay in the rankings for the rest of the season and give UCF all the press that they deserve…like this photo of mine that was posted on ESPN!

Effenheimer Beer

Here’s a quick website that was put together using photos I shot in Minneola, Florida.

The brewery is called Effenheimer and these guys are producing some pretty good beer onsite. If you happen to make it down to Central Florida, feel free to stop by and enjoy a “tasting”. They are very down to earth fella’s who will treat you right.