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Magic dominate Clippers

The Orlando Magic had a pretty good night against Blake Griffin and the LA Clippers last night. Dwight was suppose to wear goggles to protect his scratched eyeball but he decided that he couldn’t see through them very well and played on without them.

The new arena is a bit more difficult to shoot in than the old Amway arena. The crowd sits back more from the floor and there are some lighting fixtures that cause massive flares when you are shooting wide. It will take a while to get use to them I suppose.
Anyway, lets hope the Magic can get back on track and make another successful run at the playoffs……off to shoot the UCF Knights Mens basketball team tonite…..putting in my earplugs as I type.

Orlando Titans done!

The Orlando Titans, a professional lacrosse team, pretty much folded after making it to the final 4 in the league this year. They were here for a total of 1 season and recently announced that they were going on hiatus for next year in hopes of returning again the following year…..good luck with that. The game itself was somewhat amusing to watch, especially when the teams didn’t like each other, but the line changes and rules took some getting use to. Lets see what happens in a year with the old Amway Arena and if anyone we be back to play there…..