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Dwight Howard Bowling in SI

Dwight Howard brought his D12Foundation to the Altamonte Springs AMF bowling alley this past weekend. There were plenty of kids there and they had a blast with Dwight and other members of the Orlando Magic family.

The media was out in full force and they did their best to try and ask Dwight about the upcoming NBA lockout, he would have none of that however, stating that he had 2 new jobs in mind if the lockout happened. He would (1) raise chickens and give them steroids for bigger bodies, or he would (2) move to Canada to take up the Olympic sport of curling…….?
Whatever he decides to do will be just fine with me, as long as he keeps his head on straight and continues to help the kids that look up to him!
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Image published in the lastest Sports Illustrated online photo gallery.
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President orders attack on Osama Bin Laden

I had no idea what this photo would mean when I took it on Friday.
I was hoping to photograph President Barack Obama when he visited the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center after the announced scrub of Endeavour’s STS-134 launch. The first lady and his daughters were with the President to watch the launch and to speak for a few moments with Gabby Giffords, the Congresswoman who was shot in Arizona and the wife of shuttle Endeavour Commander Kelly.
The motorcade arrived about 30 minutes after 5 helicopters began hovering around the property, and it was past us in about 10 seconds. Of course Barack was on the opposite side of us and Michelle waved as their cars drove by.
About an hour later, we all hoped the motorcade would leave in the same direction and they did….I pressed the button on the camera and nailed the image we see here!
Today, just two days later, I learned that just hours after these images were taken, President Obama would approve a military strike in Pakistan on Osama Bin Laden which would result in the death of the terrorist and mastermind of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers.
Sitting here typing this, I admit it feels weird to think of all the problems Obama has to deal with on a daily basis. Perhaps I should feel lucky with how much pressure I don’t have to endure every hour that I am awake… doesn’t seem that hard anymore.
More pics here:
Image taken on April 29, 2011. (Photo Credit: Alex Menendez)

NFL Draft on ESPN

The NFL draft airs tonite on ESPN and nobody has a clue who the first pick will be and if he will even have the opportunity to play this season. The courts will decide what happens with the lockout….

Anyways, not to carry on, but I had an assignment a few weeks back from ESPN. Bill Parcells was in Orlando at Full Center University and was taping a show called “Bill Parcells Draft Confidential”, where the old ballcoach rated the current draftees and his guesses on their draft order. I was hired to shoot behind the scenes for distribution and marketing. Everyone was fun to hang with and I have to say, shooting for ESPN is always a good time!

Rock Climbing NC

Family took a trip to Chimney Rock, North Carolina a few weeks back. Rainy weather with the temps in the high 30’s. Not exactly what I had planned for Spring Break weather but you know what, my phone didn’t work there and that was alright with me. My boys, ages 6 and 7, regularly climb at the indoor rock wall in Longwood and get a kick out of it. We decided that for this trip we would try to climb real rocks….game on!!

We hired Fox Mountain Guides and were on our way. Blaze and Zane had a blast climbing, even though it was so foggy and we were so high up that they couldn’t exactly see where it was that they were climbing to….
Fun, never the less.

Shuttle Discovery Final Flight

I had the coolest time shooting the final liftoff of the Space Shuttle Discovery this past week. With all the hype and worry surrounding the NASA shuttle program, this was indeed one cool shoot that I am very appreciative of being able to cover. Not everyone gets the chance to stand this close to a rocket and I will never forget the feeling of it taking off.

I set a Canon 7d remote camera set up in the swamps facing a waterway with a sound trigger to activate the camera upon liftoff. The trigger turns the camera on from its sleep mode about 10 minutes before the scheduled liftoff time. The “awake” camera automatically starts snapping images when the sound trigger hears a loud noise. The shuttle is loud when the boosters fire up and this starts the image capture.
I have a lot of people to thank in helping me learn the ropes on this type of shooting but I want to put a big shout out to Don Montague and Red Huber. They know what they are doing and are not afraid or too stuck up to share their knowledge!
By the way, we went to retrieve our camera’s at about 10p.m. in the pitch black and we encountered monster mosquitos and a rather large alligator in the water keeping watch on my tripod. It’s always an adventure here in Florida.
More pics:

2011 Daytona 500 NASCAR race

Twenty year old Trevor Bayne won the 2011 Daytona 500 in one of the wildest races in ages. The kid who had no major sponsor the day before the race and who last week couldn’t get anyone to speak to him at the NASCAR media day, silenced everyone!

He won the race in the last lap with no help from his teammates and held off Carl Edwards for his first Sprint Cup victory in only his second Cup race.
This God loving dude laid down the pedal when it mattered and hasn’t stopped smiling since, I guarantee you his jaws are hurting right now…..anyways, Congrats young man and thanks for making the weekend a good time for all!
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I shot over 1000 images for a promo with the Capital One Visigoths yesterday. You, know, the “viking” looking guys who wreak havoc in whatever city they decide to invade. This was without a doubt one of the funnest shoots that I have had in years. I laughed my butt off for about 7 straight hours and gasped for air everytime they got around a good looking girl.

This was an assignment for Cap One and Kohls.

I am sending images to them when they return to L.A. and can’t wait to work with them again…
Thanks Guys

Magic dominate Clippers

The Orlando Magic had a pretty good night against Blake Griffin and the LA Clippers last night. Dwight was suppose to wear goggles to protect his scratched eyeball but he decided that he couldn’t see through them very well and played on without them.

The new arena is a bit more difficult to shoot in than the old Amway arena. The crowd sits back more from the floor and there are some lighting fixtures that cause massive flares when you are shooting wide. It will take a while to get use to them I suppose.
Anyway, lets hope the Magic can get back on track and make another successful run at the playoffs……off to shoot the UCF Knights Mens basketball team tonite…..putting in my earplugs as I type.

Busiest month in years….

This month has been the busiest month that I have had in years. Not sure how everyone remembered my phone number, but thanks. Everyone has been great and 2011 is looking to be a spectacular year for shooting and editing.

I just started the Florida Scenic Highways program this month and shot this beauty tonite. YOU SHOULD SEE THE VIDEO SHOT WITH 15MM, 24 SHIFT TILT, 24-70 AND THE 70-200. I will keep you posted when it goes up on VIMEO, until then, keep calling and get out there and shoot, will ya????

UCF Ranked at #24

The University of Central Florida Knights mens basketball team is ranked for the first time ever at #24. This is due to their undefeated season thus far, where they currently sit with a 11-0 record.

No doubt first year Head Coach Donnie Jones has things rolling in the right direction, with HUGE victories against both Florida and Miami.
Marcus Jordan, A.J. Rompza and Keith Clanton are the early team leaders, lets hope they stay in the rankings for the rest of the season and give UCF all the press that they deserve…like this photo of mine that was posted on ESPN!