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San Francisco

There is a song by the band “TRAIN” called Save Me San Francisco that I have been listening to an awful lot lately, and it seems quite fitting because I have visited that city a few times in the past months. I am absolutely in LOVE with that town now…not sure if its the water, buildings, atmosphere, mountains, the cool weather or just the people, but I can’t seem to get enough…..but i digress!

When I had the opportunity to break away from my video work this past week, I scampered back up to the Marin Headlands to try and shoot the Golden Gate bridge and the city once again….unfortunately, the sun had already sunk beneath the clouds and the wind was kicking at about 50 lie! I figured, something has to eventually come of this and waiting until the sun was gone….as luck would have it, the fog started to fill in and the lights reflected some pretty cool things….
This was shot in the pure dark, only illumination is from the boats and the bridge lights…
I will post more when I get the chance.

Occupy Orlando

So when this whole “Occupy Wall Street” movement started, people didn’t quite know where it would lead. Basically it was a just reported to be a bunch of pissed off hippies and anarchists revolting and rioting over the big banks stealing money from regular, hardworking people…..

flash forward a month and the whole country is starting their own Occupy events….

Well, Orlando had to jump on the bandwagon and I spotted the first meeting on my twitter page one day…..I figured, lemme grab a camera and see what happens…
About 400 locals showed up to the non-violent affair and tried to voice their opinions on whomever would listen…by the end of the rally, they had decided to reorganize and stage a rally on the next Saturday….
I was out of town for the rally, but heard a few hundred folks showed up and protested and even organized a parade through downtown Orlando…..just a few days later, the park where most had tried to camp out, was pretty much deserted.
If you ask me, they have a long way to go and need to be more committed if they plan on changing anything here…….get it together folks!
CBS picked up this image of mine from the first meeting….

GRAIL moonshot launch

Shot the GRAIL moonshot Atlas launch this past weekend….well, actually I didn’t.

Let me explain. I set my remote camera’s out on Wednesday so that they would capture the launch on Thursday morning at 8:33. We are allowed to set cameras up the day before and have to leave them out until about 3 hours after the actual launch. NASA has to clear the pad and make sure the surrounding area is “Safe” before they let us back out to retrieve our gear.
Well, Thursday night it rained as hard as it has all year, and the gear got totally drenched.
I went out to the Press Site to shoot the launch with my 400 2.8 and a 70-200 on a Bogen Magic Arm… the weather didn’t cooperate though and the launch was scrubbed due to high winds about 3 miles up in the sky. NO GO!!
I was planning on going back out to shoot the launch Thursday morning but that was cancelled on Wednesday evening at 10:40…..and it rained as well.
Luckily I go a bit overboard and cover all of my gear with protective bags and such, due to the rain and dew.
Well, Friday came and a few of us, (those hanging in the media area) were allowed back out to check our remotes and clean our lenses.. Mine was ok but there were some cameras that didn’t fare too well…..the rain had damaged a few lenses and bodies.
Saturday came and the launch was expected to go at around 8:30 but that too was scrubbed due to weather. Though the sky was blue, those danged winds just wouldn’t quit, the second launch window was in jeopardy….
meanwhile, back in Orlando I was preparing to shoot my 400 on a cropped body with a 2x extender from my front porch. All in all it’s about 50 miles from my house and I wasn’t sure if I could even see the rocket through the building clouds.
Now, let me explain, I had made a deal with Alan Walters and Paul Hennessey to pick my gear up if I couldn’t make it to the actual launch on Saturday. I have been travelling a lot lately and needed to spend some time with my family. I decided to miss the launch with a backup plan in place……it seems to have worked.
Though I would have loved to have shot the launch in person, I gambled and took the chance that the remotes would cover me! I don’t recommend this to others who are on assignment, but in this case, I was over the moon!
To see more: log onto and search Grail Moonshot

American Flags

Today is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. A piece of history that most would like to forget. All of the wire services, newspapers, magazines and television shows on today are about that dreadful day. It didn’t ever occur to me until I was shooting the UCF football game last night just how beautiful the American flag really is!…..Think about it, how proud are you when you know that this is our symbol of pride and freedom……………?

I am proud to be an American and live where I do, it is a privelege to be here……cherish your family and friends today and thank God for all that you have…..

Mason Foster fined by NFL for Ochocinco Hit

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie linebacker Mason Foster was fined $20,000 today for this illegal hit on New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. Foster hasn’t even collected his first professional paycheck yet and is already in the red.

I shot this image during the game and haven’t seen any other still photos of the hit on any of the wires or in print.
Chad Ochocinco is offering to pay the fine for the rookie after calling the hit “clean”.
Lets see what the league says about that…..

Non Disclosure

So I just returned from a trip where I filmed for 3 days. I only have 25 more shoot days left in the schedule for a job that I can not openly discuss…..these are the times we live in.

Check back in a year and I will show you both the videos and the stills…..!
I know this is not what most write in their blog to drum up business and keep their “peeps” in the loop, but this is all I can offer at this point. Sorry
Please log back on here in a week. I will update for sure.

Juno/Atlas V Jupiter trip

I filmed the Juno/Atlas V rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center on Friday. It was a “blast”……sorry, I know, really bad pun! You can punch me the next time you see me….

Anyways, I set out 2 remote triggers (thanks Alan Walters for your loaner) with the hopes that at least one would fire this time, and boy did I get lucky…..
The mission itself is an incredible dream, to send a rocket to Jupiter to try and find out some really cool stuff about the planet and other info that is way above my pay grade, all in all it will take 5 years to discover cool things before it suicide bombs itself into the planet….never to be seen or heard from again….
Let me say, the fact that scientists can determine how to get this ship there in the first place is downright incredible, but to get it off of the ground in the first place in mindblowing. This sucker fired off after about 50 minutes in delays but when it did the earth seemed to stand still. The power of this beast can not be shared, you had to see it to believe it….and I did, along with other photographers from the top of the Vehicle Assembly Building at KSC. What a day!
The images you see here are what I shot and I can’t wait to go back and shoot every type of rocket NASA puts up, it truly is inspiring and dramatic at the same time and the imagery is spectacular….When the smoke clears and the shadow of the trailing smoke highlights the sky, you realize just how lucky we are to see such sights. I am very thankful to the volunteers and NASA workers who allow us to snap memories everytime one launches…….
Until next time, enjoy.

Just returned from a mind-blowing time in Las Vegas! Tired, worn out and dry…..yup, dry! There is no humidity there whatsoever and stepping off the plane in Florida reminded me what I had missed the past 5 days.

How one can miss that wet sheen of the Florida night is hard to comprehend, but it does happen….
Anyways, I am back home and the usual afternoon showers/thunderstorms made it to my neighborhood, right on schedule. I quickly decided to break out my new lightning trigger that I bought 2 weeks ago for the shuttle Atlantis launch, and placed it right in the back seat of my Ford F-150 to test the trigger. The above image is the first lightning that made it to the CF card.
The rest of this summer should be fun, just need to find the right location for some more fascinating lightning images……send me your ideas!

Shuttle Atlantis landing

So here I sit in my hotel room, the Mandalay Bay, in Las Vegas waiting to finish the video edit for a client of mine. It has been a hectic 3 days so far and though they are very pleased with what I have captured so far, my mind is mush…..

The space shuttle Atlantis lands in a few hours back in Florida and I don’t leave Vegas until tomorrow afternoon. Safe to say that I won’t make it to the landing pad….and there is no “next time” to get the desired images……guess what….life goes on. There are times when you really want to be there and unfortunately there are times when you just can’t. This is the way the photo industry works, and the sooner you figure that out, the less stressed you will be. Trust Me!
To all of my colleagues who will be there, I wish you nothing but the best. Get the exposure right and make history, you’ve obviously put in the time and deserve to capture beautiful images. Make us proud.
I just came across a cool shot of mine that got picked up today: cool slideshow here-

Trevor Bayne is on FIRE!!!

Trevor Bayne won the Daytona 500 this past February but has not placed very well since that race. He has suffered health problems as well as sponsorship issues during this years NASCAR season.

Today, he returned to Daytona International Speedway with hopes of repeating his miraculous victory. However, he had a rough start when his car caught fire after his first practice session today, lets hope he can recover quickly and get the Woods Brothers team back to victory lane…!
Images available at, look under Coke Zero 400.