Learning on the road

Travels, Family, Work and Play.....never stop learning no matter how old you get! (Photos:Alex Menendez)

Travels, Family, Work and Play…..never stop learning no matter how old you get! (Photos:Alex Menendez)

Yup, doing my homework at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning…..Yawn!

Once again I am in a different city on an assignment the is paying me, but at the same time taking up my precious time. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the travel and taking in the new scenes and meeting nice people, but I am at that age now where being with my family is the most important thing in the world. I have turned down many good paying assignments lately because my family structure is changing and I don’t want to miss the good times. My boys are getting to that age where they will soon be out of the house, and my mom is struggling with medical issues too large to write about. I am at that point where the important things are really “the important things” ……..I’ve finally grown up.

One of the things that I have been concentrating on of late is assembling my photo workshop that I will hopefully launch in the fall. I have been working on this for over a year and am very excited to be bringing it to various cities across the United States. I will follow up here later or you can check my website at AlexMenendez.com in the next month or so for the press release.

Putting together a workshop such as this is a huge undertaking. There is obviously more to it than showing up and instructing students on how to aim a camera and press a button. My course syllabus is quite extensive as is my method of teaching. I have been working on a #BlendKit2016 assignment course at presented by the University of Central Florida for a few weeks now and have started creating my own Blended Learning course for those students that sign up for my class. Basically, they will have online study assignments to complete before we ever meet face to face. This is an exciting time for me and I am very happy to have gone back to school myself, so that I can better prepare for when my registrants sit in front of me to learn. Technology is great when it is done right!

This class has also helped me to better understand how my children are currently learning at their schools via online studies. Our conversations have opened up a deeper connection as it relates to their studies…..and in the end, that is what I find most gratifying, talking education with my boys. Preparing them for a life on their own is my responsibility, and furthering my education to further them has been quite rewarding.

Stay tuned.

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