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A few weeks back I was suppose to film a Delta rocket launching from Cape Canaveral but due to scheduling issues, I was unable to attend. So whats a photographer to do?

Well, just shoot it from the front yard as it will surely be bright enough to see from 45 miles away. These rockets are usually pretty cool to watch during the daytime when the smoke trail rises and spreads across the sky, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect after sunset.
I grabbed my son Blaze, age 8, who is a master at the Canon 30D. He set up shop under our palm tree by the streetlight. Using a remote trigger, we set the camera up on the bulb setting and I instructed him to use the trigger when the ship was aloft.
Here is the result of one of his grabs…….not too shabby.
Unfortunately, he can’t get access to the launch pad until he turns 18…..!
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