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Miguel Cotto Boxing Media Day

Had the unique opportunity to film three time World Champion Miguel Cotto at the KG Boxing Gym in Orlando the other day. The workout was pretty intense for the media event and I was very surprised at the turnout…about 250 folks showed up…

Top Rank Boxing promoter Bob Arum was also in attendance for the display and there was plenty of nervousness surrounding the fact the the December 3 fight against Antonio Margarito may not even happen due to NY State Laws.
It turns out the event is now “ON”, can’t wait to see how this bout turns out….these two fighters despise each other……
More images here:

Fall Colors on the interstate

Driving up to Baltimore this week has been an adventure for sure….

My Chevy work van exploded when the oil filter that I had replaced 3 days prior simply “fell off” on I-95 and spewed 6 quarts of smoking oil all over the roadway and every window of the vehicle…..can’t wait to go see the QuikLube manager next week!
Then the next morning I was lucky enough to drive 4 hours in the fog…not just your everyday morning fog either, nope, this was MEGA-FOG, the kind you see in haunted movies on TV…..yup, made for some interesting ideas on using a fog filter on some upcoming gigs…
……then, well, then things started to turn for the better…the sky opened up and the leaves on the trees came into focus….the roadway looked like a rustling rainbow! It brought back memories of me growing up on the farm in Upstate New York and the good times I shared with my little brother Dion, the same one who was stuck there on the roadway waiting for the tow truck driver with me….
Yup, things are looking up……

Mr. Cooper

Ran across this image today. Anderson Cooper is the man on CNN who is constantly trekking the world in search of the Breaking News stories. He does a fairly great job in my opinion and he is both fun to watch and not afraid to ask the tough questions….

Just wish he would return to Haiti to see how those folks are doing today……….
……yes, I stopped so he could have his pic taken with me! :-)

NCAA photos of the Week

Did a quick google search for some images of mine tonite and discovered that I had two images featured in this weeks NCAA Football Photos of the Week for Oct. 29, 2011.

Nothing to fancy, but different none the less…..Check back for more.