Monthly Archives: November 2010

Seminole Nation

Jimbo Fisher took over at the helm this year when Bobby Bowden was let go as head coach of the Florida State Seminoles. The Seminoles football program has not beaten the Florida Gators in the past 7 seasons. That all changed this year when the Gators strolled into Doak Campbell Stadium and it’s over capacity crowd. With Tim Tebow out of the picture, John Brantley was forced to try his best at quarterback, but unfortunately, it was not the outcome he was hoping for. The Seminoles blew out the Gators 31-7 on ESPN and are now on their way to the ACC Championship. All in all it was a fun game with a great crowd, no rain and temps in the 40’s.

UCF Basketball

This UCF Knights started their season off right against the visiting team from West Florida, by winning 115-61. Marcus Jordan scored a career high 24 points and the defense hustled and impressed first year coach Donnie Jones.

The cool thing about these first three games is that they are played on the same night as the Orlando Magic games, so there are only about 3 photographers on the court to capture the action.
Lets see how tonights “Blackout” game goes against the visiting USF Bulls, the cross State rival of the Knights.

Hooped Up-Haiti

Still pushing the DwightHowardFund video to the masses and just this week we have had over 8,000 loads on the Vimeo site alone.

The cholera epidemic is just now hitting hard and there are over 900 deaths with 12,000 cases confirmed in and around Port-Au-Prince. These people do not deserve this and anything that we can do to help them will be felt, no matter how small.
Say a prayer, send money, or just let others know your thoughts about giving a helping hand. Please re-tweet or spread this video so that others can donate…..thanks.


It just hit me that are only two races left in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series and this is the closest the drivers have been in points in over 5 years. However I am just excited to shoot back at Daytona in a few months because they have been repaving the entire speedway for the past few months. This means everyone of the drivers has a chance to win because A: nobody will have experience on the new surface and B: nobody will know which line to run in February. This will actually make the first race of the season a very fun and exciting on to watch!

Effenheimer Beer

Here’s a quick website that was put together using photos I shot in Minneola, Florida.

The brewery is called Effenheimer and these guys are producing some pretty good beer onsite. If you happen to make it down to Central Florida, feel free to stop by and enjoy a “tasting”. They are very down to earth fella’s who will treat you right.

Eyes of Faith Optical

It suddenly came to me as I was at the eye doctor this week that I had photographed a new line of eyewear called “Eyes of Faith” last year during the Disney Night of Joy weekend. Tim Baker and I were hired to shoot the bands that were performing on the Eyes of Faith sponsored stage that weekend. We shot 8 bands in all and the concerts were amazing!

A few days later we filmed about 40 pair of eyeglasses with pretty cool frames at my small studio in Orlando. I have to tell you, it was harder than you would think…
Eyes of Faith is a Christian company that also has a foundation that pledges to donate a minimum of 10 percent of their gross to children’s charities worldwide. Pretty cool eh?

Fantasy Surf

The next time you visit Orlando and want to go surfing but are afraid of sharks or whatever lurks below the surface of the water, relax and know that there is a new attraction that you can ride, and its indoors. Fantasy Surf opened its doors, literally, this past weekend and the attraction allows you to ride a board on a man-made wave, all inside a building. My buddy over at Keene-Ideas hired me to shoot promo stills for the billboards, print and website. I have to admit, I lost 5 pounds shooting this because the room itself was warm and humid, but I didn’t get bit by anything….

Discovery pushed

The Space Shuttle Discovery was scheduled to launch this week but there were a few setbacks including the rainy weather and a hydrogen gas leak.

Liftoff has been set for November 30 and I will be back there setting up remote cameras the day before. Check back for the images that should feature the shuttle launching at night!