Philips Medical North America

I have had the pleasure of shooting for Philips Medical for the past 10 years whenever they come to Florida. Normally the jobs would be filming video interviews of doctors, patients, nurses and executives. They also specialize in making really cool medical exam devices such as MRI imaging machines and such and the rooms are really high-tech, kind of like the crime labs on the TV show C.S.I. and I shoot these rooms for publicity.

Florida Hospital Orlando has just doubled the size of their main hospital just a few miles from my house and Philips teamed up with Walt Disney World to create what they have dubbed the “Ambient Experience” for children. In short, there is a pediatric emergency room dedicated to kids and the idea is to use mood lighting and video programming to calm them down while they are in their room.
The whole concept is to have a virtual light show and video interactivity controlled by the patient with a remote control.  Philips wanted me to shoot this for publicity and internal use across the world to show employees how the final product turned out.
I arrived with my video crew  and started shooting at 5 a.m.. We were told that we had approximately 2 hours to get in and get out. The goal was to film 6 locations with models before the ER room officially came to life -they had 38 kids run through these 8 rooms the day before!
Luckily, I brought my Canon5DMKII with me with about 8 lenses for the still shots. The video camera that I had was not really wide enough to get all of the effects of the lighting  even with a wide angle adapter screwed on, so I showed the client the room using the 5D with a 20mm and a plugged in HD monitor. She loved it and from that point on the rest of the shoot was filmed with the camera. I must admit, I was thoroughly impressed when I exported the footage into my Final Cut Pro edit suite. The colors popped and everyone was thrilled with the quality. The roughs were sent up to Boston where they were edited into a 2 minute final movie and aired 2 days later in Amsterdam.
Unfortunately I can’t show you the video footage or many stills so this is all you get but I will post the final product as soon as Philips gives me the go ahead. It is really cool to see the rooms change color and how the nurse interacts with the patient.
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